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Follett Destiny Library System
Follet Software Company
MiCase has signed a consortium pricing agreement with Follett Software for use of the Destiny Library Automation System. Destiny is a state of the art, web-based resource management application for school districts.
Detailed pricing is available from Scott Williams.
More information about the Follett Destiny System is available on their web site.
MiCase will provide hosting for the Destiny system for $125 per hosted library/building with a maximum cost of $375 per member district. Non-MiCase member district hosting is provided at a cost of $250 per hosted library/building with a maximum cost of $625 per non-member district. While districts have the option of hosting the system themselves, the cost for MiCase to host the system is a tremendous deal considering the value of everything included. The hosting fee includes:
bullet Server Hardware
bullet Internet Access to the Server
bullet Backup/Disaster Recovery
bullet Electrical Power
bullet Monitoring of the System
bullet Installation of OS and application updates
bullet Plans for future upgrades of server hardware as needed