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Time & Attendance and Employee Portal
Workforce Software Time and Attendance
MiCase has been working with Workforce Software for use of a revised version of their Time & Attendance solution that is tailored to the MiCase HR/Payroll System.

The benefits of using the Workforce Time and Attendance System with the MiCase HR/Payroll system include:
bullet  Decreased time (and cost) spent on data entry of employee timesheet data into the payroll system
bullet  Increased accuracy of payroll data as a result of eliminating data entry errors as well as eliminating incorrect reporting of time worked by employees – as a result of either unintentional errors or fraudulent activities.
bullet  Streamlined communication between employees and the business office regarding time off requests, available leave balances and other communications regarding work schedules
bullet  Vastly increased data analysis capabilities for use by management, to enable identification of attendance trends by employees, groups, weekdays, etc.

A complete agreement form along with pricing for the Workforce Software Time and Attendance system is available here.
Contact Roger Wylan to begin using WorkForce Time & Attendance at your district.

Employee Portal
Since March 2009, the Employee Portal has been available to all Consortium Districts using the MiCase HR/Payroll Business System. The Portal enables employees to access their pay stubs anytime, day or night. A simple upload of data is done each pay period, and an email is sent with a link notifying the employee that new pay period data is available. Your payroll staff will save time and money with this easy-to-read, paperless system.

Have you received questions from your employees about using direct deposit or online paystubs? The State of Michigan has a new law, effective December 21, 2010 that specifically responds to these subjects. Please see: Michigan State Law [HOUSE BILL No. 5821]

Contact Roger Wylan with questions about using the Employee Portal at your district.